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Winter Tile Cleaning

Winter can be very hard on floors, especially on tile and grout. We aren’t saying that winter will completely ruin your tile and grout, but it can definitely do some damage over a period of time. With proper care you’ll be able to extend the life of your tile and grout for years to come. The Grout Medic Denver knows exactly how to clean your tile and grout to keep it looking healthy for years to come.However, there are key steps that you need to preform otherwise all of the work you’ve done will have gone to waste. Winter boots bring in dirty water that melts everywhere on the floor. We want to help you with preventative measures and how to clean.

The best way to protect your title and grout is to have a rubber tray to dump your shoes in. This will contain the mess and keep it from getting on your tile and grout. When that happens, the water dries over the tile and grout, and this creates a film of dirt. If this happens enough times you will get what looks like black grout lines and less of a shine on your tile face. Another preventative measure is to put rugs in high traffic areas. This will help to eliminate a lot of the dirty water brought in.

If you already have dirty tile and grout lines, then here is the best way to go about cleaning them. Make sure that you have a bucket of hot clean water and a bristle scrub brush. In the water you’re going to want to put a bit of dish soap. That should do the trick for most of your dirty tile and grout. If that isn’t doing the trick though try some Oxy Clean. Make sure that you continually have hot water and that it is clean. As you clean and finish one spot, wipe up the excess water otherwise you’ll just be letting that film of dirt dry on it all over again.

If your tile and grout is beyond what you’re able to clean, then call the Grout Medic today! We can clean your tile and grout so well that it will look brand new again. Our system uses vapor steam that allows for the dirt to release its hold on the grout and tile surface. Additionally, we fix cracked grout lines and cracked tiles at a fraction of the cost it would be to replace your entire floor or shower. Call us or fill out our online request form!

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