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Clean Grout with Ease

Clean Grout with Ease

At The Grout Medic, we only specialize in tile and grout cleaning and restoration. While many companies will have these services in addition to their other ones, it’s the only thing we do. And that is because we love tile and grout and want to be proficient in what we do. Tile and grout can make such a powerful impact in a room, and we want to help make sure that that impact is a good one. Dirty tile and grout can seriously put a damper on a space. If you find cleaning your tile and grout a major chore, here is how you can tackle this task with minimal elbow grease.

The good news is that you only need a few things in order to get your grout lines gleamingly clean.

● Stiff Bristled Brush

● Spray Bottle

● Vinegar

● Baking Soda

For your run of the mill grout cleaning, fill a spray bottle with a solution of distilled white vinegar with hot water in equal parts. Spray the solution onto the grout lines until they are generously coated. Allow that to stand for at least five minutes. After the five minutes is up, you can take your stiff bristled brush and begin scrubbing away at the mildew and grime. These should lift easily after the vinegar solution has penetrated the pores.

For more stubborn, tough grime, a baking soda paste should do the trick. Simply mix baking soda with water until it forms a thick but spreadable paste. Apply a thick layer of the paste onto the grout lines and let it dwell there for five minutes. Afterwards, spray the paste with the vinegar solution that you already made. You’ll notice that it will begin to foam. From there you can scrub the grout lines like you normally would. Rinse the area with plain water to finish up.

Ultimately, grout cleaning does not have to be a chore you dread. If you make sure to give it regular attention, it can make cleaning even easier. If you spray your vinegar solution onto grout lines once a week, this will prevent mold and mildew from developing and taking hold quickly. You can simply rinse the solution off when you shower. This practice will maintain the look of clean grout for much longer.

As we mentioned, however, we specialize in tile and grout cleaning. So if your tiled surfaces are not responding to your regular cleaning efforts, we would be happy to help!

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