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Benefits to Tile Floors

Benefits to Tile Floors

Are you thinking of getting new tile floors? There are many benefits to tile floors. Here are just a few that may help you decide to get tile floors for your home.

What’s great about tile floors is that it comes in a variety of options. Whatever look, color, pattern you want for your room or house, you can get it! Tile comes in patterned tile, wood-looking tile, brick-looking tile, marble-looking tile, and a plethora of colored tile. What is also wonderful about tile is that you can change the type, pattern, and/or color of tile in each room or on different floors and it will all still look aesthetically suburb.

Tile requires less maintenance. Whatever spill, accident, or pet mess that may occur on the tile, it will be easy to clean up if it is sealed correctly. Soap and water can clean up almost all liquid accidents on the tile surface. Grout can also be cleaned of most spills. Many grouts are 100% stain-resistant which makes clean up easier. If soap and water doesn’t work completely, Grout Medic uses steam vapor to clean the messes you can’t.

It’s healthy. Since it is easy to clean up, and does not hold harmful particles, pet hair and the like, it helps preserve your indoor air quality. Other floorings, such as carpet, hold harmful particles and pet hair that can hurt the quality of air in the home. What many people don’ t know is that because tile is fired in a high-temperature kiln, it has little volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). VOC’s contribute to a wide variety of health problems so having tile is a great benefit for your choice of flooring.

It’s going to last a long time. Tile is durable. Two of the most durable, resilient, and long-lasting types of tile are ceramic and porcelain. These options are very popular. Although most tile will last for many years no matter the type of tile you choose for your floors. The better you take care of your tile, the longer it will last. Just like with anything else. The best way to take care of your new tile is proper installation and careful cleaning with non-abrasive, non-acidic products.

For the latter, Grout Medic is here to help you! We use a low-pressure, high-temperature vapor technology that gently eases away dirt and discoloration with nothing more than steam. Steam cleaning has proven just as effective as removing bacteria and stains and leaves no residue other than water. Call Grout Medic when you need your tile looking like new again and adding more years of life to your tile floor! Grout Medic can help not just your tile to look like new but also your grout.

Tile has great benefits and these mentioned in this article are just a few. Of course, every flooring option has benefits but tile is a great option! If you choose tile and you need tile cleaning, or grout cleaning, or a grout staining we can save you 70% off compared to tile replacement.

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