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How to Repair Cracked Tiles?

There is nothing worse than getting your home ready for company and finding out that you have a cracked tile right in the middle of your kitchen floor. Back in the day this meant that you had to retile your entire kitchen flooring. The Grout Medic of Denver can... [read more]

How to Fix Cracked Grout Lines?

Tile and grout add such beauty to the home in the kitchens, entries, and bathrooms. There is a sort of elegance that comes with tile and grout when you have the perfect color combination. Maintaining that beauty once its installed is the hard part. The Grout Medic is... [read more]

Should You Put Tile Outside?

Tile has a lot of different uses due to its durability. Tile is great for flooring, showers, kitchens and the like but what about outdoor use? The Grout Medic knows exactly how tiles can best be used and when they can be used for outdoors and when they shouldn’t... [read more]

Remodel or Restore Your Tile and Grout

Remodel or Restore Your Tile and Grout

Summer is a beautiful time of year with the kids out of school and beautiful weather. This means family trips are bound to happen. Are you ready for your family to come and visit you? You might be reluctant to say yes because of how your bathroom shower... [read more]

How to Make Your Tile Shine?

How to Make Your Tile Shine

With Spring here it's time to get your house in tiptop shape now that water, mud and the like aren't getting tracked through the house from winter. How do you make tile that is years old shine again though? There are a couple of cleaning tricks that... [read more]

How to Clean and When to Replace Your Caulking?

How to Clean and When to Replace Your Caulking

Inevitably when you deal with tile you’re going to be dealing with caulking. Even if you’re not dealing with tile you’re dealing with caulking in your home. Caulking is almost everywhere in your home. It’s typically around your kitchen sink, your bathroom sinks, the tubs and in the... [read more]

How to Choose Outdoor Tile?

The Grout Medic is your leading experts in tile and grout. Most people have tile inside their home but there are some who have them outside as well. Winter often gets us thinking about what we would like to be different for the next time this season is to... [read more]

Pros and Cons to Heated Flooring

Pros and Cons to Heated Flooring

With the season getting colder it means that you’ve probably turned on your heat. Your home might be nice and cozy however your tile floor is probably cold every time that you step foot on it. You might be considering getting heated tile floors in your... [read more]

A Sparkling Bathroom Is Just A Pair Of Marigolds Away

No one enjoys cleaning their bathroom but it is a weekly chore we must endure and knowing a few helpful tips might just speed up the process. You can hide a dirty kitchen or a messy bedroom from a surprise guest but a grimy bathroom is a whole other... [read more]


Should You Choose Porcelain or Ceramic Tile?

This is a common question when thinking about installing tile. We tend to think that they are one and the same, using the names interchangeably. What is the true difference between? Is there any real difference? For the do-it-yourselfer and the couple thinking of having a home built... [read more]

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