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How to Repair Swimming Pool Tiles and Grout?

How to Repair Swimming Pool Tiles and Grout

Pools are the place to be when it comes to the dead heat of the summer. A cool dip in the pool can help make summer days go by faster. And of course, who doesn’t like jumping off a diving board or playing games with a water football.... [read more]

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell?

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Many homeowners are trying to fix up their home just to get it ready to sell. Being in the homebuying season there seems to be a rush to get things ready as soon as possible. One of the many parts... [read more]

Spring Cleaning for Your Tile and Grout

When it comes to your home there are a lot of different items on the list of things to do when regarding spring cleaning. Many homeowners forget to add their tile and grout on the list though. You might not feel that there is an immediate need to do... [read more]

How to Pick the Right Backsplash?

How to Pick the Right Backsplash

There are a number of decisions that you have to make when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. Among the many is going to be what kind of backsplash you want. There are a lot of options and the color scheme is dependent on the how you’ve decided... [read more]

Winter Tile Cleaning

Winter can be very hard on floors, especially on tile and grout. We aren’t saying that winter will completely ruin your tile and grout, but it can definitely do some damage over a period of time. With proper care you’ll be able to extend the life of your tile... [read more]

Tile vs Wood

More and more nowadays you will see that when you walk into a home there is tile flooring that looks like wood planks. That has been a huge hit because of the advantage of it being tile which offers a very durable floor while still giving your home a... [read more]

How to Repair Cracked Tiles?

There is nothing worse than getting your home ready for company and finding out that you have a cracked tile right in the middle of your kitchen floor. Back in the day this meant that you had to retile your entire kitchen flooring. The Grout Medic of Denver can... [read more]

How to Fix Cracked Grout Lines?

Tile and grout add such beauty to the home in the kitchens, entries, and bathrooms. There is a sort of elegance that comes with tile and grout when you have the perfect color combination. Maintaining that beauty once its installed is the hard part. The Grout Medic is... [read more]

Should You Put Tile Outside?

Tile has a lot of different uses due to its durability. Tile is great for flooring, showers, kitchens and the like but what about outdoor use? The Grout Medic knows exactly how tiles can best be used and when they can be used for outdoors and when they shouldn’t... [read more]

Remodel or Restore Your Tile and Grout

Remodel or Restore Your Tile and Grout

Summer is a beautiful time of year with the kids out of school and beautiful weather. This means family trips are bound to happen. Are you ready for your family to come and visit you? You might be reluctant to say yes because of how your bathroom shower... [read more]

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