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Ways You May Accidentally Be Ruining Your Tile

Ways You May Accidentally Be Ruining Your Tile

Tiles are a beautifully durable and popular option for flooring, bathroom walls, and backsplashes, but you probably already know that. Most homes today have at least some tile in them. Even though tiles are quite tough, that does not mean they are impervious to everything. In fact, you may personally be damaging your tile unknowingly. The Grout Medic of Denver is here to tell you how.

Ignoring Missing Caulk

Especially when it comes to the bathroom, caulking is extremely vital. Caulking works to keep water away from sensitive areas. If water is able to sneak behind your tiles, it will compromise the backing and loosen your tiles and cause your grout to crumble. So, do not neglect your caulking. Make it a priority to redo it every so often.

Not Sweeping Often

The biggest problem with dirt comes along with heavy traffic. Grit and debris can be grinded into your tile causing the finish to wear off and eventually scratch the surface. Delay the wear and tear of your tile by having a regular sweeping routine.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Cleaners that contain chemicals like bleach and ammonia can have a negative effect on your tile. They can dull the finish and discolor your grout color. Try to avoid them altogether. Use a mild all-purpose cleaner instead.

Letting Spills Sit

Tile that has not been sealed recently, along with grout is very porous. Acidic substances like lemon juice and tomato sauce can work quickly to erode and cause etches on your tiles. Deeply colored things like coffee and red wine can stain your grout especially. You can combat the negative effects of any spills by simply cleaning them up as soon as it happens.

Using Abrasive Tools

Abrasive tools like steel wool may be tempting to use against stubborn grime but think twice. Abrasive tools such as steel wool or aggressive powders will only wreak havoc on your tile finish. Leaving it open to staining and pitting.

Ultimately, tile is durable and will last you almost an eternity if you care for it properly. If you see that your grout needs attention, or if it has been a while since you last sealed your tile, give The Grout Medic a call today! We are your friendly, neighborhood tile and grout professionals. We can repair your tile and grout at just a fraction of what it would cost to replace it.

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