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Matching Old or Vintage Tile

Matching Old or Vintage Tile

Vintage is in! Many homeowners are wanting to keep or have the vintage look but how do you get this look if you don’t already have it? New tile is easy to find and buy, but what about when it comes to vintage tile? Vintage tile can be hard to find if you want the vintage look, especially if you don’t have the vintage tile you want now or need a replacement tile to keep your floor looking good. But know there are a few good places you can find these tiles:

  • Olde Good Things
  • American Olean
  • Ideal Home Garden

These businesses carry discontinued tile where you can find what you’re looking for. When looking for vintage tile remember that there are potential lead hazards so be safe with your renovation and/or tile replacement.

If you’re looking for a new vintage look for your house look at…

  • Pinterest
  • Etsy get a good idea of what you want. Then you can look at the above websites to find the tile you want and like.

Grout Medic is here to help you if you like the vintage look and have the vintage tile already! We can help you make those tiles looking clean and crisp again. With just a few broken tiles or tiles that are cracked Grout Medic can fix those tiles and make your shower, floor, or wall looking like a crisp vintage area again instead of an old rundown room. Whether it be replacing your vintage damaged tiles, repairing your damaged tile grout, repairing damaged tile caulking, or changing your vintage look by changing the color of your grout, we are here for you. Get your free home estimate today by calling us at 303.99.GROUT

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