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Mold Due to Steam, How to Combat it?

Mold Due to Steam, How to Combat it?

When it comes to your home, keeping it clean and looking good is on the top of your list. This can become a challenge though when it comes to your bathroom and the amount of steam that it generates especially when the home is a bit colder. When steam is not properly dealt with it can cause mold in your bathroom. This can happen in the shower itself, on the grout, caulking and even the walls. This can be quite alarming especially because you don’t tend to notice it until the problem is way beyond what you would like it to be. The Grout Medic of Denver is able to help you completely avoid the situation to begin with and if you’re in it, how to get rid of it.

How to Avoid

Mold starts to grow when it is not properly ventilated. Therefore, it stands to reason that every bathroom should have a powerful enough fan, and might we say, use it. If you’re cold you’re probably wanting that room to fill with steam so that when you get out, you’re engulfed in a nice hot room. While on occasion it will be ok to allow the steam to fill the room, you certainly don’t want to make this a habit because that’s when the mold starts to grow. If you enjoy a good home-made steam room though, make sure you have a powerful fan to be able to run after you’re done. Additionally, open the shower door or curtain to allow good airflow. All of these together will help when it comes to making sure mold doesn’t grow in your bathroom and on your walls.

How to Treat Mold

If mold starts to grow in your shower you will want to get rid of it as soon as possible. If its growing on your grout a simple cleaning with a nylon brush will work great. This will typically do the trick. If the mold is on your caulking though, you’ll need to take more drastic measures. If you’re seeing mold on your caulking that means that it started growing beneath way before you could see it. The only way to ensure that you have gotten rid of it is to cut it our completely and apply an anti-mold treatment to it. Both, shower cleaning and re-caulking is our specialty here at the Grout Medic of Denver! Schedule a free estimate with us today!

The Grout Medic is able to help with a lot more than just cleaning showers and caulking. We are able to re-grout your shower and make it look brand new again after a complete shower makeover. Our specialties also include replacing damaged or cracked tiles that you have stared at for far too long. Call us today to schedule an estimate and get your project going!

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