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Cleaning and Sealing: Countertops will eventually develop traffic patterns, especially by the stove and coffee pot, with discoloration in the grout joints. The Grout Medic will apply an environmentally safe solution to your countertop that is designed to pull dirt out of the pores of grout joints. We then use our advanced steam vapor cleaning process to eliminate traffic patterns in your grout. Once your countertop has been cleaned and rinsed,a clear, penetrating sealer is applied to protect your grout joints from future discoloration.

Cleaning and Staining: After your tile and grout joints have been thoroughly cleaned with our advanced steam vapor cleaning process, our color staining service offers an attractive option for customers who want a beautiful new look. Our staining process is a permanent, penetrating color stain that is absorbed throughout the entire grout joint. When we are done, you will once again have that just-installed look at a fraction of the cost of grout replacement. The service is environmentally friendly and has an available lifetime warranty.

Replace Cracked Grout and Tiles: Accidents happen! If you have cracked tiles or grout lines, you do not have to re-tile. The Grout Medic will remove and replace those broken tiles and grout lines you've looked at for years but didn't know how to fix. In the past, cracked grout and loose floor tiles usually meant an expensive floor replacement. We will save you money by only replacing the cracked tiles or grout lines. We offer dozens ofgrout color choices to match your existing grout color and are willing to help you locate that hard-to-find matching tile if you don't have any.

Epoxy Grout: Epoxy grout is a material used in tiled areas regularly exposed to extreme conditions. Almost impervious to stains and water damage, it eliminates many maintenance and longevity concerns associated with tile.


  • Stain Resistant: It is incredibly difficult to stain epoxy grout. Only certain chemicals and stains can permanently alter the color of epoxy. For this reason, tiled areas that are often exposed to grease or acidic substances, such as kitchen countertops, should use epoxy.
  • Water Resistant: Unlike other grouts, water has little effect on epoxy. This is an incredible advantage after the grout has been installed.
  • No Sealant Required: Traditional grouts should be sealed every two to three years. Epoxy needs no additional sealants.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant: Epoxy is already somewhat resistant to mold and mildew, a property that can be enhanced when an additive is mixed in with the grout before application.

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