Grout Repair

Grout Medic Does Grout Repair and RemovalYou need grout repair when your grout starts cracking on your tile floors, countertops, or bathroom showers tiles. This can be caused by loose tiles, poor grout mixture, or a poor installation of the tiles. Grout Medic can go into the area where the grout is damaged or cracking, color match your grout and make sure your tiles are properly re-bonded to the subfloor. The problem that caused the grout damage is repaired. This is a less expensive method of repairing the problem and will last as a repair for 5 years or possibly more.

Our long-term solution is to use an Epoxy Grout when repairing the area. The same process is applied but the epoxy grout creates a stronger bond between the tiles. This is the strongest bond currently available to grout tiles. This will have a life expectancy for 10 years or more. This does add more cost, but lasts longer.

Grout Removal

The Grout Medic will remove and replace those broken tiles you've looked at for years but didn't know how to fix. In the past, cracked grout and loose floor tiles usually meant an expensive floor replacement. But the Grout Medic can rescue those loose tiles without removing them from the floor and then perform the necessary grout repairs to make your floor look like new again at a fraction of the cost of floor replacement.

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