Meet Our Grout Medics

Harold And Tania Barrios - Owner

My wife Tania and I immigrated from Venezuela to Denver in June of 1982 - two weeks after our wedding! 

I received a scholarship to attend the University of Denver. When we arrived, we took an intensive 6 month English language course. In order pay for part of my college tuition, Tania and I worked at a janitorial company and learned how to clean carpets, strip and wax floors and clean tile and grout. 

Upon graduation in 1986, I told Tania, "Life will better for our family if we stay here in Denver." So we stayed and worked- I worked at a large information handling company in the mornings and we worked together at nights as janitors. We had our oldest child, Jesus in 1984 and our youngest, Veronica in 1986. Now we have our daughter in law Rachelle, our son in law Josh, and 4 precious grandchildren- Bella, Mila, Levi, and Lola!

In 1989, we fulfilled the American dream and purchased our own home. In 1994, we decided to continue our dream and start our own cleaning company. Tania would clean vacant apartments during the day and at night we would clean medical office buildings. Unfortunately in October of 2006, we lost our cleaning company.

But we are fighters and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and decided that we would try to make the best of a difficult decision. So we purchased The Grout Medic Franchise in Denver in November of 2006 and with my wife and son started working. And thankfully, we are still working hard to restore tile and grout to like new 17 years later! Saving homeowners and commercial enterprises time and money!

We were awarded Franchisee of the Year in 2022, 2023, and 2024 by our franchisor, Premium Service Brands!

Jesus Barrios - Owner

Hello wonderful clients! I am the Owner of Grout Medic Denver. My parents Harold and Tania are immigrants from Venezuela. I am a 1st generation American and Colorado native! My relationship with God and working to be the best husband, father, and leader I can be are what inspire me.

Building a good reputation in the Denver area was our primary goal when my dad Harold and I started The Grout Medic on December 1, 2006!

17 years later we are thankful to have been been blessed with hardworking technicians and amazing clients like you!

In fact, we were named 2024 Franchisee of the Year by our franchisor, Premium Service Brands. Our business stands apart from other grout and tile cleaning companies because we can truly say that we are the experts! Our skill is to restore your tile and grout with a spirit of excellence.

Bella Barrios - Entrepreneur in Training

Hi my name is Bella Barrios and I have had the privilege to learn about the business from my wonderful parents and grandparents. I came to start working for Grout Medic in the summer of 2023. I was fortunate enough to continue my learning into my junior year of high school. I am so happy to work alongside my family and that they are willing to help expand my learning when it comes to this company. I want to continue working for my family for many years and I enjoy every minute of my time in the office. From the company lunches to the tasks that make me think. I am thankful everyday to be able to have this opportunity.

Carlos Ramirez - Master Technician

Carlos has been with us since 2011! He came to us as an experienced brick layer and seamlessly transitioned into the grout and tile world here at The Grout Medic. Carlos is a senior technician and has trained almost every technician we have brought on. He loves cleaning tile and grout and then color sealing the grout. This process makes your shower and floors look like new - in ONE day!

Jose Velazquez - Master Technician

Jose has been a part of our Barrios family since 2002! As a young man, Jose worked with  Harold cleaning floors in medical office buildings! And now his 20 years of experience cleaning, sealing and repairing floors have made The Grout Medic your professional standard! We are happy to restore your tile and grout! Our tile repair and water damage restoration will save you money!

William Chacon - Master Technician

William has been with us since 2024! He moved here to Colorado from Florida and we are so happy we found him. William specializes in all types of tile repair work! Sometimes you have one or two tiles that are cracked and sometimes your whole floor or shower needs new tiles! We can help you with any tile emergency!

Erick Pereira - Master Technician/Consultant

Erick has been with us since 2018! Erick started as a Junior Technician and has progressed to Master Technician and now one of our amazing Estimators. We always hear from our satisfied clients how Erick treated their homes with care and respect. What we appreciate most about having Erick on our team is his desire and determination! Some showers and floors are very dirty but with patience and a positive attitude Erick brings them back to life!

Jose Cruz Nava - Master Technician

Jose has been with us since 2021! He has worked in many trades as a master plumber, roofer, window installer, and now a Grout Medic Master Technician! Jose is a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work. Whether you need grout and caulking replacement or tile and grout sealing, you are in the best of hands with Jose! His two sons Axel and Danny work with us too!

Fernando Bona - Master Technician

Fernando has been with since 2023! He worked as a hotel maintenance director for many years! With his knowledge of good maintenance protocols, we have been able to improve our tile and grout cleaning and sealing process to leave your tile and grout like new! 

Jorge Cruz - Master Technician

Jorge, whom we affectionately call Pewee, has been with us since 2008! He is always smiling and is an expert in all of our core services: grout cleaning, grout sealing, grout staining, grout repair, tile repair, water damage repair in showers! He is also an expert tile installer for floors, showers, and backsplash areas! You will love 💕 to have Jorge in your home!!

Edgar Maya - Master Technician

Edgar has been an amazing Grout Medic Master technician since 2021. Edgar is an engineer by education and uses his knowledge to resolve difficult tile problems. One of the most important services we offer is water damage repair in your shower! The grout starts to crack, water gets behind the tile, and the water starts to rot the drywall behind your tile. Edgar and the Grout Medic will save your shower and save you money! With ingenuity, joy, and integrity.

Henry Perez - Master Technician

Henry is a master technician for a reason. He is meticulous, thorough, and kind. Grout repair, tile and grout cleaning, tile repair, and all services! 

He wrote is own bio! Please read…

My name is Henry Pérez, I have belonged to the Grout Medic team for 11 years, I am happy to belong to the team, I like what I do and I put my greatest effort and dedication in every job I do every day, I am happy in the company for belonging for a long time and the good relationship I have with the bosses.

I feel very comfortable because it allows me to dedicate time to my dear family, to my 2 children who are very important to me, and also perform my favorite hobby which is fishing.

Jorge M. - Master Technician

Jorge M. has been with us since 2014 and has progressed to be not only our tile and grout master technician but also a natural stone restoration and polishing expert! Not only can we restore your tile and grout, but we can also restore your travertine, marble, and granite!

Henry B. - Master Technician

Henry B. is a master technician who will refresh and renew your tile and grout! How nice it is to also have a technician who can polish and restore your natural stone surfaces. This added service and level of expertise will protect your more expensive and higher maintenance natural stone surfaces!

Dubiel Oberholzer - Consultant

Dubiel is a motivating young man. He is always happy, positive, and respectful to our clients. 

He wrote his own caption! 🥳🙏

My name is Dubiel Oberholzer, I am 22 years old, I started working at Grout Medic on April 7, 2023, I started in the technical department, I have worked as an estimator for approximately 5 months. I really enjoy the work, I feel very safe offering our services to everyone. the families I visit every day...I am thankful for Grout Medic.

Rolando Vasquez - Technician

Rolando has been with us since July 2023. We are thankful that he is an expert in all types of cleaning! Our steam cleaning process is meant to clean and disinfect your tile and grout. What we appreciate most about Rolando is his strong work ethic. He will not leave your home unless you are happy.

Daniel Montenegro - Technician

Daniel or “Danny” is our newest technician. He started in October of 2023 and is our energizer bunny (Hence the Pink Shirt 👚) Danny is a responsible and respectful young man. One of our core services is caulk replacement and Danny has become a pro with a caulking gun. He is always smiling and happy do any task - grout cleaning, grout repair, grout sealing and grout color sealing!

Oscar G. - Technician

Oscar G. brings his enthusiasm and passion for clean grout to all his jobs. Always willing to go the extra mile to make you happy, Oscar exemplifies a true Grout Medic! Whether you have a dirty floor, moldy caulking, or minor repairs, please feel confident trusting our team at Grout Medic Denver.

Axel Divas - Technician

Axel started working with us in January of 2022 and has become our man of many skills! Axel can regrout and recaulk your shower, clean and seal your tile and grout and perform any tile repair work you need! His humble and mild manner are beautiful traits in a Grout Medic technician. 

Jonathan Zuniga - Technician

Jonathan started helping us in December 2023. Training is such a valuable lesson. But being trainable is the key to success. We spend one month of rigorous training to help someone become a Grout Medic technician. Jonathan was the most excellent apprentice we ever had. Now, as a technician he takes the training and applies it to all his projects…with joy! When you need your showers or floors or counters cleaned and sealed, please call Grout Medic. If Jonathan is your technician, you will see his hard work bring your grout back to life!

Oscar Carrillo-Montoya - Technician

Oscar started as an apprentice in October of 2023! He would learn from our master technicians and always ask questions.
“Why do we use this type of grout?” Or “Why do we clean like this?” 
His questions really helped him build a great foundation as a Grout Medic technician. Now, he can accomplish the necessary work of restoring showers and floors! When your grout is dirty or deteriorating and your caulking is moldy, The Grout Medic is your expert you can trust. Oscar will rescue your shower 🧼!

Luis Ramirez - Technician

Luis also has so many skills. He started working with us in November of 2023 and we are very thankful! Luis lived in many parts of the country for the past 15 years working with a big construction company as a painter, drywall repair expert, and foreman.

When we heard that Luis had moved to Colorado, we jumped at the opportunity to have him join the team! He is a trustworthy and professional man who loves to transform your tile and grout. One service that Luis excels at is our grout color sealing service. After steam cleaning your grout, we can change the color of your grout to any color! Our grout colored sealer protects your grout and makes it look like new in one day!

Chewie And Rey - Grout Pugs

Chewie and his little sister Rey joined the Grout Medic Family in July of 2020 during COVID. They love to pee on tile and grout! 

Thankfully our grout and tile steam cleaning process is safe for all fur babies and human babies!

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