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Grout Vs Caulk

Grout Vs Caulk

Grout and caulk are important when you are doing any type of tile project. And if you are tackling a DIY tile project, you might have some questions about what type of supplies you need.

Most notably, you might not know how to tell the difference between grout and calk. It is common for novice DIYers to get grout and caulk confused. But no worries because we are going to look at some differences between grout and caulk.

The first thing you will notice is the difference in packaging between grout and caulk. Caulk is generally sold in tubes. The tubes are ready to use, and you do not have to mix the product. But grout is generally in powder form and is sold in a bag. You must mix the product before you can use it.

Between caulk and grout, caulk is the stickiest of the two. This makes caulk ideal when you need a tight waterproof seal along areas where tiles connect with other materials. For example, caulk is what you will find where the bathtub and shower connect with the wall.

Caulk is good for corners as well. This is because grout will usually crumble if it is used in cornered areas. But caulk is flexible, even after it dries. So, it is good for use in seams that are angled. However, caulk does shrink over time. You will have to eventually replace it, but it is not a hard job.

Caulk is also good for things other than projects involving tile. You might want to seal the seams of a drafty window. Or you could use caulk to fill the gap between baseboards.

Grout was made for tile. It keeps the tiles from moving after they have been glued in place. Grout also protects tile edges from getting chipped. And although its porous, grout is good for use in wet areas. This makes it an excellent product for protecting studs and walls from water damage.

One con of using grout is that it tends to stain. This is a problem generally not experienced with caulk. However, you can keep grout clean by sealing it and cleaning it on a regular basis.

Here at The Grout Medic, we are professionals who can clean your grout and keep it looking new. For more information about grout, caulk, and tile projects, take time to read our other posts.

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