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Water Damage - The Unwelcome Pool Party

No one ever complained about having an indoor pool as a part of their home. That is, unless this pool came in the unexpected and unwelcome form of water damage. Water damage, more often than not, remains covert until the damage has been done and repairs become mandatory. What can be done to catch and stop water damage before it becomes extensive? And, if there is damage, what kind of restoration work is probable?

One step that can be taken for preventing the spread of water damage is by occasionally examining tiles for unusual stains or discolorations. Water intrusion causes the adhesive that secures tiles to loosen and deteriorate over time. Tapping a metal object, such as a coin, on individual tiles and listening for hollow or empty noises can locate undesirable water underneath. If caught in the early stages, a fixed leak and one or two tile replacements may be all that is needed to prevent further damage.

Older appliances are a common leak culprit due to the wear and deterioration of plumbing connection hoses. It is vital that inspections and maintenance be completed regularly on these units. Stress points (where hoses connect to the water supply) should be paid special attention to, considering new hoses may need to be installed every 3-5 years. Do not make the mistake of disregarding even the smallest of leaks, as even a few beads of water can turn into extensive damage within a short amount of time.

If an area of your home does happen to be affected by water damage, begin repairs as soon as possible. If the damaged area consisted of flooring or tiles, the spoiled areas may need to be treated for mildew before flooring can be replaced. When left untreated, allergies and other respiratory issues can develop in residents of the home. Termites thrive in environments where wood has become moist and can become a hazard to even the best built homes.

Grout Medic Denver is devoted to keeping the investment you made in your tiled flooring protected from water damage. Don’t let an indoor pool form in your home without your knowledge. Contact Grout Medic Denver for a free consultation and receive more information on water damage prevention, tile restoration, and tile replacement today. The results of our tile restoration skills will leave any visitors to your home completely unaware that there was at one time water damage.

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