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Tile Cleaning Myths Debunked

Tile Cleaning Myths Debunked

The Grout Medic is ready to help you clean, repair, or replace your tile and grout whenever you need it, but caring for your grout and tile properly in between receiving our services is important to maintaining the integrity of these surfaces. No doubt you clean your tile regularly, but what is actually the best way to do so? This article will expose some cleaning myths revolving around tile that are not necessarily true. Knowing the truth will arm you with information that will help you care for your tile and grout in the best way possible.

While it is true that regular mopping is beneficial, there comes a point when your tile and grout need more. Mopping alone does not have the power to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria that has settled into the pores of your grout and tiles. When a deeper cleaning is needed, a professional steam cleaning can effectively lift stubborn debris from these surfaces and kill the bacteria living there.

Bleach is a powerful cleaning agent and it is excellent at whitening stains, but does not actually remove the dirt from grout lines. In fact, bleach is so potent that it can actually harm your grout and tile by causing erosion and premature degradation. Dirt can only be removed by physically pulling the particles away from the surface through some means.

Many people try to combat dirty grout by scrubbing vigorously with a wire brush. And while wire brushes are effective at scraping away embedded dirt and grime, they are also strong enough to scrub and chip away at your grout itself. To avoid chipped and missing grout, opt for a soft bristled scrub brush instead.

Some believe that steam alone is not powerful enough to effectively clean their tile and grout. The truth is that professional steam cleaning equipment (like the tools we use at The Grout Medic) can reach water pressure and water temperatures that residential steam cleaners cannot. Our steam cleaning equipment can reach powerful sanitizing temperatures and up to 3,000 PSI of water pressure. That’s how we are able to achieve such satisfying results with our cleanings.

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