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Update Old Tile with a Glaze

Update Old Tile with a Glaze

Tiled bathrooms have been popular for many generations. For this very reason, it is not uncommon for modern day homeowners to be cursed by the trendy powder blues or peachy hues of days past. If retro is not your style but you lament the potential cost of a traditional bathroom renovation, do we have a solution for you.

The Grout Medic of Denver is committed to bringing you affordable tile and grout options and today we want to shed light on one, glazing.

Reglazing your tile is an option that not many first think of when contemplating how to transform their bathroom. But it should be. A standard bathroom renovation is likely to cost you at least $10,000. Reglazing your tile, on the other hand, is likely to run you just a fraction of that at around $1,000. Interested yet?

On top of being at an appealing price point, reglazing tile can take place in a matter of hours and only needs 24 hours to cure. This means that even if it is your only bathroom, the time it is out of commission is brief.

When a professional comes out to do the job, they will first begin by deep cleaning the area. If the tiles in question are still glossy, the technicians will then acid-etch the finish completely away. This is to ensure that the color choice will adhere permanently to the tiles. If you paint over your tiles without removing the glossy finish first, the color will peel away in no time. Not the desired effect! They will then apply several spray coats of glossy enamel.

Spraying the enamel on will guarantee that the result is an even and smooth texture, but there are a few things worth noting. Because it will be sprayed on, this means that the grout will also be coated. This is not likely to a be a problem for most but if you want contrasting grout and tile colors, this may not be the solution for you. And if matte finishes are dear to your heart, it should be stated that matte does not work well in this scenario. Matte finishes allow tile to cling to all sorts of dirt and grime and then you will have dingy tiles in a matter of months.

Truly, you will be amazed at the transforming power a color change and a couple hours can have on your bathroom. Bye-bye Grandma’s house! If you would like to change the color of your grout before your reglazing appointment, Grout Medic can help you do just that. Or if you are interested in what other tile and grout options are available to you, give us a call today! We would be happy to help you find the solution that suits you best.

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