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Pros and Cons to Heated Flooring

Pros and Cons to Heated Flooring

With the season getting colder it means that you’ve probably turned on your heat. Your home might be nice and cozy however your tile floor is probably cold every time that you step foot on it. You might be considering getting heated tile floors in your home. They are commonly considered in bathrooms because of the size of it. There are always pro and cons when you’re considering a home project. Your leading experts in grout and tile want to share with you what those are when it comes to both radiant heating and hydronic heating.

The Difference

Both are good however one may suit your home better than the other. Radiant heating for tile floors is where there are coils running underneath the tile itself and is powered by an electrical current. Whereas hydronic heating includes tubes that are running underneath the tile as well. These tubes carry a fluid in them, most time water. To have a hydronic heating system you must have a boiler. The boiler heats the water and sends it through the tubes. This then gives off heat that transfers through the tile for your feet to feel.


There are many pros to having heated tile floors, the biggest one being that when you walk on it you and your feet like it because it’s warm. This means that you can keep the house a bit colder in the home during the winter months without having to have cold floors. In addition to these, if you ever decide to sell your home it is a key selling point because of it being a luxury. Many potential buyers will enjoy this added feature to your home. Not to mention that as time goes on it can increase the overall resale vale of your home.


One of the biggest cons is the amount of money that it costs. There is an average cost of $600 for the system not including the labor. The initial output for it may be a deterrent to most people. The other down fall to having heated tile floors is that maintenance work to them is very hard. When cracked grout lines occur or a cracked tile happens the replacement of such is very tricky. If a coil or line is cut accidentally in the process of removing the grout or tile the whole floor will lose its power. There are repair kits, but it doesn’t make it work like new again unfortunately.

Heated tile floors are a luxury. They are wonderful with every step that you take on them. With a beautifully warm surface that makes it nice to just stand on if you want. There are certainly draw backs to them though. One of the biggest being that maintenance work is very hard to perform. The Grout Medic knows everything you need to know about tile and grout. We make it look brand new again just by cleaning and sealing. We also do repair work for cracked and broken tiles. Call us today! We give free home estimates.

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