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How to Keep Your Shower Clean

How to Keep Your Shower Clean

Here at the Grout Medic we see a lot of showers that have different kinds of problems. We want your shower to stay clean whether you’ve just redone it or we were just there to clean it. By doing some small maintenance things after the last person has used it that morning and/or at night. By consistently applying these small cleaning methods your shower will continue to look beautiful. We will address how to keep mold, calcium and hardwater stains out of your shower.


Mold can start to grow in the corners in your bathroom but that is not the only place that mold can grow. Mold can also grow on the grout in between your tiles. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is eliminating what causes the mold to grow. Excessive water left from your shower will cause mold to grow. This happens when the corners of your showers aren’t sealed properly. Make sure everything is sealed correctly and after every shower take a towel and wipe up any excess water. By doing this you’ll be able to prevent mold from growing.


Calcium builds up on tile floors of your shower because the minerals that are in the water. Calcium build-up starts to show by small white lines in your grout. It can be very hard to clean and remove in a way that doesn’t involve removing the grout. The best way to prevent this from happening is by wiping your tile floor with a towel to ensure that no water is sitting there. Most times there is a certain place where water will sit on the floor of your shower. That spot is the most likely to start to have calcium build up in it, this is where you will need to wipe up excess water the most.

Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains can form on tile surfaces, metal, and glass or plastic shower doors. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is by taking a squeegee to your shower doors. In addition to all the wiping down we’ve already talked about, go the extra step and take a towel to your metal frame. This will also keep mold out from your metal frame as well. Water stains can be very hard to remove once they have built up so be proactive and prevent it from happening.

This doesn’t have to be done every time. After the last person has taken their shower, make sure your shower is dry, clear, and clean. This will help preserve the life of your showers tile, grout, caulking and doors. It may seem like a lot but it’s just a small wipe down after the last person has showered. For all tile and grout needs call the Grout Medic of Denver today! We give free in home estimates!

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