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Tile vs Wood

More and more nowadays you will see that when you walk into a home there is tile flooring that looks like wood planks. That has been a huge hit because of the advantage of it being tile which offers a very durable floor while still giving your home a look of wood flooring. The real question is though which is better, tiles that look like wood planks or real wood planks? There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of flooring, but you will have to decide what is the best type of flooring for your family. The Denver Grout Medic wants to help you make the right decision when it comes to your home, be it tile or wood.


When it comes to the pros of wood many people would put this at the top of their list, it provides a warm feel to their home. If you’re going for a look that makes your home more quaint or elegant and grand yet comfortable then this type of floor might be for you. There are so many different types of wood that you can achieve almost any look that you want your home to have. Not only this but the maintenance of wood floor is very low and easy. However, a big downfall to wood is that it can get scratched easily. If you don’t like a worn-down look that happens over time, then wood may not be the best option for you.


This type of flooring is going to be the most durable out of all the flooring types. However, there is more than just durability to consider. You need to consider the look and feel to your home. Additionally, what is the maintenance is going to be like? With tile the maintenance is going to be more so in the long run because tiles, while very durable, can get cracked and more often than that, cracked grout lines. As far as daily maintenance goes, this is more so when intensive because of the type of cleaning you have to perform. A mop and water won’t cut it unless you’re ok with your grout turning black. Another pro though is that tile can have heating capabilities.

There are just a few of the pros and cons to both tile and wood. You will have to decide for yourself what will be best for your home. If you have kids or pets this can impact your choice of flooring. If you have tile in your home already and are thinking of replacing it, call The Grout Medic first. We can make your tile and grout look like new at a fraction of the cost! We are a family owned business that treats our customers like family! Fill out our online request form today!

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