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Benefits of Epoxy Grout

Benefits of Epoxy Grout

Grout often goes unnoticed. After all, your tile is the real star of the show. Tile lends beauty, personality and durability to whatever room it exists in, but when grout starts to stain, or worse, crumble away, now suddenly you cannot stop thinking about it.

Because we do not often need to think about our grout, the different selections may be confusing when the time comes to replace it. That is why The Grout Medic of Denver wants to help demystify things when it comes to one style of grout in particular; epoxy. If you are a set it and forget it kind of person, here are few reasons why you may want to consider epoxy grout.

Easy to Clean

Most likely the favorite benefit to having epoxy grout is its ease of cleaning. Whereas cement-based grout is porous and quite prone to locking in stains and grime, epoxy grout is a smooth solution without pores. Because of this, you can easily wipe up spills or dirt without any getting left behind. Thus, epoxy grout is an especially popular choice for kitchens and heavily trafficked areas.

Water Resistant

Piggybacking the ease of cleaning comes our second benefit. Since epoxy grout does not share the porous nature of cement grout, it is very water resistant. When remaining wet for prolonged periods of time, cement grout can become compromised, leading to hurried deterioration. Epoxy grout on the other hand, shines in areas like the bathroom because water remains on the surface until dried. Without the absorption of water, your grout will last longer. Reason enough to consider epoxy grout crucial for areas like the bathroom.


While it is true that epoxy grout will cost you a bit more than cement grout up front, there is no denying that it will save you money in the long run. How so? Well, as we have been discussing, epoxy grout is stain and water resistant, which will prolong the life of your grout. In addition, epoxy grout is flexible. This means that when natural shifts in your home’s foundation occur, epoxy grout can move with it without cracking. All of these factors combined will lengthen the life of your grout, limiting the need to replace it, and in return saving you money.

If the virtues of epoxy grout have persuaded you to go for it, give us at The Grout Medic of Denver a call! Because epoxy behaves differentlythan cement grout, it can be difficult to work with and not all professionals know how to apply it. But we do! We do free estimates so that you can gather all the information you need before we get started.

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