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Why retile when you can regrout

Why retile when you can regrout

Chances are there is nothing wrong with your tiles, just the grout. Having your showers old, dirty, and molding grout and caulking removed and replaced will restore and waterproof your shower back to new.

Is is it time to regrout the tile in your shower, bath tub-surround or walls?

For a fraction of the cost of replacement, the tile in your shower, bath-tub surround and even your bathroom walls can be restored to new again, by a quick and simple regrouting and recaulking!

Is your grout and caulk growing mold, discolored or worse yet cracking and falling out? It might be that regrouting and recaulking, something that can be done in just a day, is exactly what you need!

Many people don't realize that regrouting and recaulking their shower, bath tub-surround, and bathroom walls can make them look like new again. Your tile doesn't usually lose its beauty, only the grout and caulk do. If you have been planning on getting new tile in your shower or bathtub surround thinking that it was the only way to remedy ugly grout; you will be very pleasantly surprised to learn that most tile in showers, tub surrounds and on walls can be easily regrouted!

The process to remove the old grout and caulk and replace it with clean, fresh, new grout and caulk is fairly easy, relatively clean, can be done in a day and the results are amazing! You will think the tile was just installed new, all for about 20% of the cost of a new shower, bathtub surround, walls or floor.

Beyond being ugly, there can be serious consequences to grout that is cracked and falling out. This cracked or broken grout easily allows water to leak through. As it leaks into your porous backer material it gets to your studs and causes them to get waterlogged, grow mold and mildew and eventually begin to rot. When that happens there is no longer any support left for the tile and the only way to fix the shower or tub surround is to rip it out and rebuild it from scratch. Needless to this can be quite costly.

In addition to this, when backing material and studs are completely saturated with water, leaks develop as there is nowhere else for the water to go.

By the time this happens, mold and mildew, that love wet places, are bound to have grown. This leads not only to foul odors but is damaging to your health too.

Worse yet, with time, this usually leads to extensive and expensive wall work too before you can install new tile and grout in your shower or bathtub surround. Sounds a bit like a horror story but this is what actually happens. We see it on a weekly basis!

After removing all of the grout surrounding the tiles and cleaning and regrouting, we finish all bathrooms and showers with waterproof silicone.

If you are having any type of problems with your grout or your shower leaking why not call us and we will come by and help you figure out what the problem is and the best way to fix it.

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