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Ways You Can Damage Your Grout While Cleaning

Ways You Can Damage Your Grout While Cleaning

Grout is one of those things where it is just a chore to clean. Cleaning grout often requires a good amount of elbow grease and time to accomplish. It's no wonder then that many people are eager to find grout cleaning solutions that will make this job easier. And there is no shortage of “life hacks” for cleaning your grout on the internet. But some of these cleaning solutions might be causing more harm than good. Let us explain.

Vinegar is a powerful multipurpose ingredient that is used in many homemade cleaning solutions. And for most applications around the home, vinegar is great to use. The problem with using vinegar to clean your grout is that it is just too acidic. When the high acidity in vinegar dwells on your cement-based grouts, it will cause it to break down and erode. Ultimately what this means for you is that you will need to replace your grout sooner than you should have to.

For tough jobs, you want tough cleaning agents. So, it makes sense that your first instinct when combating dingy grout is to attack it with bleach, but this is a mistake. Similarly, to how vinegar is too acidic for your grout, bleach is abrasive for it. The end result will be discolored grout along with the accelerated deterioration of your grout. Needless to say, that's not something you want.

Another mistake you can be making when cleaning your grout is not changing your water regularly. Most grouts are cement based, and this means that they are porous in nature. The natural pockets and pores that grout has are prone to harboring dirt and grime. This is only exacerbated when you do not change dirty mop water. That's why it is good practice when you are cleaning tiled surfaces to change your cleaning water and solution when it begins getting murky. Doing this will reduce the risk of your grout becoming stained and discolored.

There are times, though, that household efforts may not be enough to restore the look of your grout. When those occasions arise, contact The Grout Medic. We can clean, repair, or replace your grout. Get a free quote today!

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