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How to Make Your Tile Shine

How to Make Your Tile Shine

With Spring here it's time to get your house in tiptop shape now that water, mud and the like aren't getting tracked through the house from winter. How do you make tile that is years old shine again though? There are a couple of cleaning tricks that the Denver Grout Medic wants to share with you. We want to share the natural ways to make your grout shine like it did when you first installed it. Our job is to make sure that your tile stays beautiful and shiny with our specialty: Grout and Tile Cleaning. If you’re wanting to try a couple of diverse wayson your own frist though, this doesn’t include a light cleaning though. This is to make your tile shine after doing a deep clean to it.

One of the most natural ways to make your tile shine is with the simple use of a bucket with water and vinegar. For this you’ll want the ratio to be 1:4 meaning one-part vinegar for every four parts of water. Make sure that the water you put in the bucket is always warm water. You’ll then want to apply it to the floor with a mop. You don’t want it to self-dry though so only do a section at a time. Take a towel and dry the floor. This mixture leaves a streak free shine.

Another way to get a shine on your dull floor is with baking soda. This a very common household product that is safe and is used in many DIY cleaning solutions. When creating this cleaning solution, you’re going to want to add a ¼ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of white vinegar 1 tablespoon of natural dish soap, and 2 gallons of warm water. If you have a favorite essential oil, a couple of drops of that is also very beneficial. The essential oil can also have a cleaning effect when it is of a citrus nature. Once applied to the floor though you will also want to make sure you wipe it up with a towel.

These are two ways to make your ceramic tile floors shine. If these aren’t helping, then it might be time to call the professionals. The Denver Grout Medic can help make not only your floor shine but also make your floor as clean as it was when it was first installed. Get your home looking beautiful for this summer! Call the professionals today. We give free home estimates!

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