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The Best Tile for Shower Walls

The Best Tile for Shower Walls

A bathroom remodel can involve many things. New floors, new vanity, new fixtures. But one of the most notable changes you can make is switching up the tile in your shower. If you are overwhelmed with your tile choices, have no fear! Your friends at the Grout Medic are eager to help break down which tiles are best for the shower.

Ceramic tiles are some of the most popular options for showers, and for good reason! Thanks to the baked clear, protective glaze, these tiles are extremely durable and low maintenance. Ceramic tiles are also popular due to the variety of styles, shapes, and textures they are available in. So, regardless of the theme you had in mind for your remodel, you can find a ceramic tile to fit in.

For a unique and modern take, glass tiles are an excellent choice. Beautifully transparent, glass tiles will extend the eye, making your shower appear larger. These tiles come in a satisfying range of colors and are one of the easiest types of tile to clean. All you need to defeat the presence of soap scum is a little window cleaner and elbow grease.

Natural stone tiles offer something for everyone. From rustic to posh, natural stone tiles are the way to go. One of the most popular options among stone tiles is marble. White marble in particular lends an unmatched level of sophistication wherever you put it. Natural stone tile does require a bit more maintenance than the other options mentioned, however. On its own, natural stone will show signs of wear in a wet environment much quicker than ceramic or glass. That is why these tiles require regular sealings in order to protect them. Well worth the effort, though, to achieve a timeless look.

The endless choices available when remodeling a bathroom can be quite exciting! Hopefully this breakdown has helped you decide which kind of shower tile will best suit your needs. If you are not interested in an entire shower tile remodel, then do not hesitate to call The Grout Medic! We are experts in cleaning and repairing tile and grout. We also offer grout staining services for homeowners who want an easy way to achieve a fresh look.

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