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How Are Modern Carpets Produced

How Are Modern Carpets Produced

The carpeting that is modern is produced by the combination of both the classic craftsmanship and the newer techniques. Between the two methods, there are several wonderful pieces that are produced and can be used in homes. Many people wonder what goes into making a carpet, and this article will address that issue.

What Are The Two Common Types Of Carpet?

The two common types of carpet are weaved and tufted. These are the carpet construction styles that are used.

Weaved Carpeting

For the woven carpets, wool is a material that is commonly used. They can be expensive, but they have excellent durability. Many times, these types of carpets are hand – made, although they can be created by machinery in a factory too. The carpet is woven. The weaves happen around warps, which are standing fibers. There are strands that run horizontally that are called wefts. The wefts hold the warps in place. If there are intricate designs woven through the carpet, this can make it more expensive.

Tufted Carpeting

Computers are used to make sure the style and thickness of the carpet is properly done. In the past, this was done by hand.

Handmade Carpets Were Works Of Art

In the past, handmade carpets were works of art. Now with computers, they can be made more easily. Even if they are made by hand, the carpet makers have other tools that they can use to make the process go more smoothly.

What Happens After The Material Is Formed For The Carpet?

After the material is formed for the carpet, it can be dyed to the colors that are requested. Colors are very important in carpet making because people want them to be solid colors that are noticeable. There may be a need to cut extra loops. For different styles, like cut pile or loop pile, the need to cut the extra loops will create a variety of textures.

Adding The Stretch Backing To The Carpet

There is a stretch backing that is applied to the carpeting. This will make it strong and stable. Most carpets also receive a stain resistance coating on the fibers before they are released for sale.

Carpet Repair

When carpeting is damaged you need aprofessional carpet repair companyrestore the carpet to it's original beauty. Companies like Nip Tuck Carpet repair in Fort Collins do this on a regular basis and can help avoid the cost of replacing an entire room of carpet.

Carpeting is needed in most homes. People that are interested in them appreciate how they are made and with what materials. They will want to make sure that they get properly made carpeting that will last them a long time. Prices will vary, depending on the type that they get.

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