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Getting Porous Stone to Shine

Getting Porous Stone to Shine

Not all stone is created equal. While some floors can easily be polished with standard methods, others require a bit of extra creativity to get the same shine.

In the Denver Metro Area, many floors around a decade old are made with a stone with a striking similarity to sandstone. However, further inspection of these floors reveals that they are, in fact, limestone. Not all stone reacts the same way to the various stone-polishing techniques, and even skilled, experienced stone workers can be flummoxed when they encounter a particular type of stone that stubbornly resists any attempts to get it to shine. But with a little experimentation and ingenuity, you can often get a decent polish out of most stones, including the aforementioned limestone.

When a stone refinishing technician encountered this type of stone, it stubbornly refused to polish. During the process, the stone seemed to be absorbing a large amount of moisture. Though the customer was satisfied by the results, the technician knew there had to be a way to get the limestone to polish and shine like other stone.

The next time he encountered the stone, his single-minded goal was to find a way to get the results that he would be satisfied with. Since he theorized that the absorbency of the stone was the culprit, after refinishing and cleaning the stone and then allowing it to dry, he applied a sealing agent. This greatly increased the effectiveness of the polishing process on the stone. The water-absorbing properties of the stone had been reducing the acidity of the polishing agent too much to ensure a proper chemical reaction, stifling the effectiveness of the process. The key to getting it to shine was to neutralize the water retention of the limestone.

Similar processes would likely prove effective on many types of more porous stone. In several instances, sealing the stone not only made the polishing product achieve the desired results, but also reduced the amount required to finish the process.

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