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Cleaning Your Pool in the Offseason

Cleaning Your Pool in the Offseason

As you prepare your pool for the offseason, it is important to keep some tips in mind to ensure that it stays clean and healthy while you are not using it. In contrast to the summer months when you would superchlorinate your pool, in the fall it is a good idea to cut back on filtration time and chemicals. This will help save you money because you won’t have to run your systems as often. Instead, pay careful attention to falling leaves and other debris and skim your pool regularly. These nuisances can cause stains on your liner and clog filters and drains. You can also install a pool cover to catch debris then clean off the cover as necessary. If you live in a cold-weather climate or one that sees a significant temperature change in the winter, you may wish to drain your pool completely as the cold months approach to prevent damage from freezing water. Read the infographic below to get more tips on how to keep your pool clean and prepared all year long.

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