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Flooring Repair - Carpet Burns

We know that tile is far from the only surface in your home. There are many other types of flooring used in modern homes. One of the most common is carpet, which also happens to be one that needs some of the most maintenance. Carpeted areas are usually fairly high-traffic. And with that traffic comes wear and tear. Stains are generally a straightforward process of removal, but a less common and more challenging disfigurement to repair is a carpet burn. Most homeowners just give up trying to DIY it and end up paying to have it repaired. But there are a few tricks that can be used to restore the carpet for much cheaper.

Prior to starting, be sure to look over the damage and gauge how bad it is. If the burn is shallow, you might be able to simply snip off the charred outer layer with scissors and give the area a light washing. If it’s reached too deep, however, you will have to replace that section of carpet.

When a carpet patch is your only option, you’ll need to accurately measure the area for a replacement. Before the burned segment is excised, measure out an area slightly larger than the compromised material. Place the new patch over the burn and ensure that it looks good (color matches, fibers are going the same direction etc.), and then trace around the patch with a utility knife. Be sure not to cut too deep and damage the carpet padding while cutting. Simply lift the damaged piece from its spot.

With the damaged piece gone, you can focus on getting the replacement installed. If you need to make small trims to the material, scissors or the knife can be used to make tiny adjustments. Affix the patch in place with specialized carpet tape or some type of adhesive that is known to work for carpet. Press the patch into place, making sure that it is firmly set in place. You should leave the area alone for a few hours to let the adhesives set.

Any kind of blemishes on a carpet can be a major eyesore that brings down the mood of the whole room. Carefully and skillfully taking care of them can restore your floors to their former glory. The process is more than achievable for any determined Do-It-Yourselfer.

This article was contributed by our friends at Nip and Tuck Flooring, carpet repair and installation experts in Denver Colorado.

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