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Tile and Grout Steam Cleaners

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning tile and grout, most people prefer to use steam cleaners. These machines have a number of advantages over other machines, including attached vacuums and little watery mess while cleaning. With specialized anti-bacterial technologies, steam cleaning machines are also ideal for sanitizing surfaces.

How They Work
Daimer®, a reputable supplier of cleaning equipment, offers steam cleaners that can reach high temperatures up to 386°F. The high temperature output dissolves dirt, stains, and other impurities from hard surfaces, such as tile and grout. Machines such as Daimer®’s KleenJet® 3000CVP feature an attached vacuum for easy removal of liquid debris created during the cleaning process. In addition, the 3000CVP also includes Daimer®’s ATIS® technology for eliminating more than 99 percent of commonly found germs and bacteria.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Dirt and dust accumulate in the joints between tiles. Grout is used to fill the joints and cracks present. These joints require regular cleaning. The ideal cleaning machine for such tasks should be fast and efficient, and should not leave excessive amounts of water behind.

Steam cleaners and their high temperature output dissolve dirt and other impurities quickly and effectively. For example, some steam cleaners feature pressure levels of 110 psi and temperature levels of 349°F for easily cleaning tile and grout in such areas as bathrooms and kitchens. Some companies use carpet cleaning equipment but this can do damage to grout. Cleaning machines specifically designed to be used with tile and grout should only be used.

For reaping the full range of benefits from steam cleaners, it is recommended to use equipment offered by top-notch distributors or hire professional tile and grout contractors that ONLY use steam cleaners.

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