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Sanded vs Non Sanded Grout

Sanded vs Non Sanded Grout

Grout Medic is your grout expert, but we don’t want to keep all our knowledge to ourselves. What’s the difference between non-sanded and sanded grout? And why would you use one over another?

Non-Sanded Grout: This type of grout is used for joints that are less than 1/8 inch. Used for any width bigger that 1/8 the grout will slump, crack, or not fill properly. Non-sanded grout is smooth textured grout that will not scratch tile. Therefore, any homeowner that has highly polished stone such as marble, or a honed stone, will want to choose an unsanded grout. Non-sanded grout is best used for vertical tile such as in the bathroom and showers. This grout is better working material and sticks better to vertical surfaces than sanded grout.

Sanded Grout: Sanded grout is used for joints that are greater than 1/8 inch. It’s best for joints greater than 1/8 inch because it resists cracks from shrinkage. This means that your tile and grout will look better for a longer time than with non-sanded grout in bigger grout joints. As a result of this type of grout being a coarser texture, it is harder to clean and to force into smaller grout lines. Sanded grout should be your default choice for any general tiling. Sanded grout is in more colors and cheaper than non-sanded grout. This type of grout should not be used for any surface that can be scratched. The sand in the grout scratches polished and honed stones.

Here is an simple way to see what you should use for your grout:

Location Sanded Grout Non-Sanded Grout
Bathroom/Kitchen Floor Yes Yes
Rectified Tile No Yes
Shower Wall No Yes
Shower Pan Yes Yes
Bathroom Wall No Yes
Polished or Honed Stone No Yes

Looking at the above table non-sanded grout can be used in more locations in your home but the sanded grout is a good first choice if it is an available choice. It is cheaper and may last longer especially with larger grout lines.

Whatever choice you choose when it comes to a repair or re-grout, Grout Medic has a wide variety of sanded and non-sanded grout that will match any tile you have anywhere in your home. Our Grout Medic experts also can answer any questions you have after reading this information on grout or can give you any suggestions on the type of grout or color for your tile to look its best. To see a color palate of our sanded and non-sanded grout you can check it out on our Grout Staining Page.

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