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How to Fix Cracked Grout Lines

Tile and grout add such beauty to the home in the kitchens, entries, and bathrooms. There is a sort of elegance that comes with tile and grout when you have the perfect color combination. Maintaining that beauty once its installed is the hard part. The Grout Medic is able to help you with just how to maintain the beauty of your home. One of the many repairs we get asked to do is for cracked or missing grout between their tiles. Our skilled team can bring your tile back to life and restore it to its original beauty.

Unsanded Grout

It is not uncommon for grout lines that have unsanded grout in them to eventually fall out completely in some spots. Grout typically has a 10-year life expectancy. This means that every 10 years or so, you should have it replaced. That doesn’t mean that you must get your bathroom completely remodeled. There are specific tools that can be used for this type of grout that will help to take out the remainder of the cracked or falling out grout. Once this has been accomplished then you have a good base to put in the new grout.

Sanded Grout

When you have cracks in your sanded grout then you have issues that are a little bit harder to fix. The tools that are needed to fix cracked grout lines of this size are considerably bigger. Power tools are needed when removing sanded grout lines that need to be replaced. The problem with removing a portion of a grout line is that when you replace it you then can tell which is the older and which is the newer grout on your floor. This can leave you in quite the predicament. This is where the Grout Medic has your back, not only can we repair your grout lines, but we can clean the rest of your grout to make sure that it looks unison and beautiful!

The Grout Medic is here for all your grout and tile needs. With our specialties we can bring your tile back to its original beauty. Whether you have water damage, cracked grout lines, or dirty tile and caulking we can fix it! Call us today for a free home estimate!

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