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The Pros and Cons to Travertine

The Pros and Cons to Travertine

At Grout Medic we clean travertine tile like all other tiles. Travertine is a type of limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits. If you are thinking of getting travertine in your home consider these pros and cons. Or if you have travertine in your home already consider what you can do to make your tile look like new again!


  1. Expensive: Travertine may come from the earth naturally but these tiles fall in the mid-range cost with other additional costs as adhesive, grout, and professional fees.
  2. Retention of Heat: This type of tile does not retain heat very well. Meaning on cold days/winters, your floor will be quite cold for your feet. While on hot days/summers your tile will be warm.*
  3. Heavy: If you are thinking of installing travertine on your own, the actual tile is heavy.
  4. Maintenance: Even though this type of tile is heavy, it is porous. When liquid spills it may stain and seep.*

*Even though there are cons to travertine tile there are easy fixes or options to a few of these cons. For the retention of heat: during the winter or all year around, mats can be placed on the tile where walking is most. For maintenance: when the tile is installed apply a penetrating sealer to help the likelihood of stains decrease. Grout Medic is here to help get stains out if they should occur and reapply a penetrating sealer once again later down the road. Grout Medic can even add you to a maintenance plan to keep the application of the sealer constantly in appropriate shape and helping to keep your tile looking great at all times.


  1. Long-lasting: Travertine tile can last for decades if kept in good condition. Most love the weathering effect that occurs over the years but if not desired, it can be kept in a close looking condition of the tile when installed. Thus, saving you money in the long run by no replacement costs of all tile in your home.
  2. Easy to Repair: If a tile or tiles should break or crack, there is no need to replace all the tile in that room. With a professional, like Grout Medic, an easy fix can be made by just replacing the tiles that need to be fixed or replaced. It’s a good idea to keep a few of the extra tiles not used in the home in safe storage for future times of replacement.
  3. Natural: Travertine is a natural earthborn product. Many today want to be eco-friendly and this is the type of tile stone to help one be! Travertine is fully recyclable and biodegradable if one ever decides to get rid of it.
  4. Durable: This hard tile can take a beating. With kids and pets around, there is no need to worry about considerable damage happening easy.
  5. Stylish: This tile does not go out of season, it always makes a house looking beautiful and “in” for the fashion of homes. Travertine comes in subtle, mild tones of a soft palate that swirls. The earth really puts its own signature on each tile, making each travertine floor a one of a kind beauty.

For all your travertine tile needs, call Grout Medic to keep your tile looking like new and to keep a shine it had when it was first installed. We’d be happy to give you a free home estimate!

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