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How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Many homeowners are trying to fix up their home just to get it ready to sell. Being in the homebuying season there seems to be a rush to get things ready as soon as possible. One of the many parts of the home that people want to see in tiptop shape is the bathroom. Everyone wants a clean bathroom and more importantly they want to buy a home that has a clean bathroom. Homebuyers want to see that the home was taking care of. How do you make a 20 year old bath look brand new though? The Grout Medic has the perfect solution as your professional tile and grout cleaner.

Typically, if you haven’t kept up with your shower in the last 20 years then it’s going to need a lot of work done in order to get it looking like it was just installed yesterday. The amount of work that would go into getting it perfect would be best left to the professionals. However, if you have kept a good routine of regular cleaning and maintenance on your shower and grout then there are a couple of things that you can do yourself.

The first things that you’re going to want to do is to do a deep clean. At the Grout Medic we use a professional steam machine that has a nylon brush on the end for scrubbing. So, clean your shower with hot water, some dish soap, and a nylon brush. If you have kept up with it over the years, then this should do the trick. This will give you a fully picture on when kind of work needs to be done. For example, if there is staining on the grout or caulking then you’ll need to evaluate the cause. With caulking this often means that it needs to be cut out, treated, and then replaced. When it comes to grout there are a couple of different options. Which is often decided by the rest of the condition of your grout. If there several spots where the grout is coming out, then a regrout may be the best option.

If after cleaning your shower you see that there are hard water spots on the tile, missing grout, discolored caulking, and soap scum still then it might be best for the professionals to come and get it back to looking like it is brand new. Not only are we able to clean your tile and grout professionally but we are able to do a complete grout makeover where we remove the grout, clean the tiles, and then regrout and caulk your shower. This often makes it look brand new! If you’re needing this done to your home then call us today or fill out our online request form!

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