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Which Tile Type is For You

Nobody likes the restrictiveness of choosing between “Sample A” and “Sample B” when it comes to home décor. Thankfully, with flooring tiles, homeowners have an overwhelming amount of styles to select from. Perhaps your goal is to create a shiny, sleek room, or maybe you would rather add a rustic, earthy feel to an area. There is no shortage of tile options to accomplish any look your heart desires.

One versatile flooring option is ceramic tiles which come in an unlimited variety of textures, patterns, sizes or colors, and may or may not be made of porcelain material. Ceramic tiles that are porcelain based contain natural elements such as minerals, white sand or clay. Porcelain tiles are known for their resistance to stains as well as their durability. Non-porcelain tiles, while not as resilient as porcelain, are simple to install and are reasonably priced. Whether you go with ceramic tiles made of porcelain or not, they are a great choices for bathrooms and kitchens since they provide limitless style options.

Natural stone tiles can be cut to size and are often composed of limestone, slate, marble, granite or other natural materials. Many natural stone tiles, especially those made from granite, are very suitable for kitchens considering the scratch resistant qualities they have if polished. Out of all of the natural stone tiles, marble has a porous quality to it, and therefore is least recommended for the kitchen.

There are not only endless options for the kind of stone tiles you can have installed but also the kind of finish you wish to apply. If you prefer superior traction, a honed finish which can have a smooth or matte appearance would be appropriate. Natural finishes accomplish an understated look, preserving the earthy feel. Polished finishes achieve a glossy, reflective look that can be quite slippery.

Clearly, there are many great options when it comes to tiles, even for high traffic areas such as the kitchen. Don’t limit yourself to selecting between only two or three types. Research the look and needs of the location you wish you tile and take advantage of the vast assortments available.

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