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Tile VS Carpet

Are you deciding between tile and carpet? Here are a few pros and cons to ceramic or porcelain tile and carpet.

Tile, ceramic or porcelain, is a great flooring option. There are many pros to having tile in your house. Tile is strong, durable, and has a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. Of course with every room you can also change the tile if you wanted to. Tile is stain resistant and is it is easy to replace sections if tiles become chipped or cracked. There are, of course, a few cons to tile in your home. Grout can attract stains and it can be difficult to clean the grout. Another con is that if something drops it will likely break upon contact.

Carpet is very comfortable and acts as an insulation to warm air in the winter. Carpet can also act as a noise dampener. Cons to carpet are that it stains quite easily compared to other floor options. Carpets can also be difficult and costly to clean. Carpet from cheap material can wear out easily in high traffic areas and need to be replaced.

When comparing tile to carpet, tile as many more pro’s. Here’s another look:

Carpet COSTS more than tile does.

Carpet is harder to CLEAN than tile is.

Tile is more DURABLE than carpet is.

There are many other floor options to choose from, tile and carpet, just being two options. If you choose tile, or have tile in your house, call GROUT MEDIC at 303-994-7688 or fill out our quick form, when you need your tile and grout cleaned, cracks or chips to be fixed, or even a few tiles to be replaced. We are your Metro Denver tile and grout company!

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