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Summer Tile Projects

Summer Tile Projects

Now that summer is almost here it’s time to start thinking about some summer projects that need to get done around the house. Homeowners must keep up with the maintenance of their home and most people do those things in the summer when they get to use the garage to prepare the needed materials. One of the most common projects that people take on is redoing their tile. Tile is placed in many kitchens and bathrooms. These are some of the most used rooms in the house by everyone.

A lot of foot traffic can mean a lot of work. Over time as the tile is used, the grout line can begin to crack and fall out or turn black because of walking on them so much. Other things that can happen is that over time, tiles can become loose or even break because of foundation shifts, uneven subfloor, or just because someone dropped something heavy on it. When it comes to tiles in showers, much of the same things can happen. What can also happen is soap scum, water residue, and mold can build up on the tile and grout. This makes it very dangerous to one’s health as they breathe it in over time. Whatever the cause may be, tile isn’t made to last forever. Although it does last a long-time maintenance is certainly needed. What are the options when it comes to fixing up your tile?

Tile Renovation!

Most people think that because these things are happening to their tile that they must replace it all. This is an option and has its advantages. There are some cases where people no longer like the choice of tile they picked some years ago. A tile replacement allows you to pick new tile and install it. This option also allows you to smooth out your subfloor if it’s uneven and causing your tiles to crack. However, this is one of the most expensive options. Many people shy away from this and choose to leave things the way they are because they can’t afford it.

The Grout Medic!

The Grout Medic of Denver loves to help save people money while still offering many of the perks to tile replacement. Whether you have cracked tiles or grout lines, loose tiles, mold and mildew in your shower, dirty tile faces and grout lines, we have you covered! With our certified technicians, we come in to fix and clean your tile and grout lines to look like new again. After we clean each tile and grout line we make sure to apply a sealer for protection. The perk of using the Grout Medic is that you can change your grout color without having to change the grout. We provide an array of color sealers to change the look of your home to what you want.

Summer projects help keep the home in tip-top shape. Here at the Grout Medic we understand that such projects use valued resources. We offer a solution that helps save both time and money to one of the most common home projects done. Before you go and tear up your tile, call us today! We provide free home estimates.

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