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Patch a Carpet Hole Like a Pro

Oops, it happens to just about everyone at one time or another. A small spill, a small spot where the dog chewed through, a burn patch; any one of these events can be a mini disaster for your carpet. Not to worry though, here are some tips on how to patch a carpet hole cheaply and easily.

A small hole or ruined spot in a carpet can be repaired by following these steps. Note that you may not be able to match the carpet completely, but this is much cheaper and less labor intensive than a complete carpet replacement.

  1. Using a carpet knife or utility knife with a new sharp blade, cut around the damaged area, but stay as small as possible. The smaller the repair, the less conspicuous it will be. Also avoid cutting into the padding if possible.
  2. Locate a donor patch of carpeting. This most likely will be in the back of a closet or under a bed or other piece of furniture; any place that is inconspicuous, covered, or never seen. Although it may be difficult due to differences in wear, try to match the color of the piece to be replaced to the donor carpet as closely as possible. Use the damaged piece of carpet you cut out as a template for the patch you will cut out of the donor carpet. Carefully cut the patch out of the donor carpet. Again, avoid cutting the padding.
  3. Line the patch up inside the hole in the damaged carpet to check for fit. It is better to have a little larger patch than too small. If everything looks good, apply carpet glue to the back of the patch and to the padding. Be careful not to get glue on the surrounding carpet or the front of the patch.
  4. Lay the patch into the hole, and put a large book or other weighty object on the patch and let dry overnight. Be aware that if the glue is applied thickly, weight from a book may cause it to be pushed upwards between the cracks.
  5. After the glue has dried blend the fibers between the new and old carpet. Vacuum the area to assist in blending.

This is simply a thumbnail sketch on how to patch a carpet hole. After you have fixed your carpet, you may fix the hole in the donor carpet with a remnant in much the same way.

This article was brought to you by Andrew Almendinger, an expert incarpet repair and stretching Aurora.

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