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A Sparkling Bathroom Is Just A Pair Of Marigolds Away

No one enjoys cleaning their bathroom but it is a weekly chore we must endure and knowing a few helpful tips might just speed up the process.
You can hide a dirty kitchen or a messy bedroom from a surprise guest but a grimy bathroom is a whole other story. Everything your guest needs to know about you is hidden under the toilet rim, around the bath plug and moulding between the tiles, from whether you're a messy or clean person to how good your personal hygiene is and they will judge accordingly. Unfortunately the bathroom is also the place where grime is mostly likely to build up due to the damp and humid conditions where mould tends to thrive so although your bathroom is always getting wet that doesn't mean it is self cleaning, that's up to you.

Pick the right material

Thankfully there are ways you can keep on top of the time consuming chore that is cleaning your bathroom and the easiest way is to choose materials that are easy to clean such as porcelain, marble, plastic or tile surfaces which are stain resistant. These materials need little more than a two sided scrubbing brush and some soapy water whilst more persistent stains can be removed with baking soda. Try to get into the habit of rinsing your bath tub out with soapy water every time you have a bath or shower to avoid marks left by bubble bath or general dirt creating a rather unsightly rim that could prove hard to remove if left for a while.
White vinegar mixed with water can also be used on shower doors, shower heads and mirrors to get rid of greasy smudges and build up whilst coating your tiles with furniture polish can prevent soap scum and water spots. If you have a material shower curtain you can hook the old curtain behind the new one on the same rings and remember to spray with a disinfectant every now and again to prevent mildew.

Finishing touches

Don't forget to clean the window sills, cupboards and drawers and wipe down any toilet roll holders or blinds which easily create dust. Some people prefer to lay down wooden floorboards or tiles on the floor rather than carpet as it is easier to clean stains from and takes less time than scrubbing a carpet, waiting for it to dry and then hoovering up the dust and hairs.

Cleaning the bathroom is a task that needs to be done at least once a week so turn up the radio and try to get your fellow reluctant housemates or the whole family involved.

Julie Weston uses very basic cleaning products in her home, here she offers some cleaning tips for your bathroon, written for Millbrook Distribution and Spares Limited


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