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What is Black Mold, the Dreaded Foe?

What is Black Mold, the Dreaded Foe

Black Mold in a shower Have you woken up this morning, rested after a great night of sleep. You get out of bed, walk over to your shower to start your day off fresh and low and behold you see this:

It makes you want to scream like poor Marion Crane in the famous “shower scene” from Alfred Hitchcock's thriller Psycho with the screeching violins, violas and cellos in the background.

What is that black disgusting growth in your shower?

Is it dangerous to your health and the health of those who shower in there?

Most importantly, how do you get rid of it?

This article will answer the first question and we will answer each subsequent question in a series of articles entitled The Dreaded foe- Black Mold.

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