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Matching Old or Vintage Tile

Matching Old or Vintage Tile

Vintage is in! Many homeowners are wanting to keep or have the vintage look but how do you get this look if you don’t already have it? New tile is easy to find and buy, but what about when it comes to vintage tile? Vintage tile can... [read more]

The Pros and Cons to Travertine

The Pros and Cons to Travertine

At Grout Medic we clean travertine tile like all other tiles. Travertine is a type of limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits. If you are thinking of getting travertine in your home consider these pros and cons. Or if you have travertine in your home already... [read more]

How to Keep Your Shower Clean?

How to Keep Your Shower Clean

Here at the Grout Medic we see a lot of showers that have different kinds of problems. We want your shower to stay clean whether you’ve just redone it or we were just there to clean it. By doing some small maintenance things after the last person... [read more]

Summer Tile Projects

Summer Tile Projects

Now that summer is almost here it’s time to start thinking about some summer projects that need to get done around the house. Homeowners must keep up with the maintenance of their home and most people do those things in the summer when they get to use the... [read more]

Sanded vs Non Sanded Grout

Sanded vs Non Sanded Grout

Grout Medic is your grout expert, but we don’t want to keep all our knowledge to ourselves. What’s the difference between non-sanded and sanded grout? And why would you use one over another? Non-Sanded Grout: This type of grout is used for joints that are less than 1/8... [read more]

Benefits to Tile Floors

Benefits to Tile Floors

Are you thinking of getting new tile floors? There are many benefits to tile floors. Here are just a few that may help you decide to get tile floors for your home. What’s great about tile floors is that it comes in a variety of options. Whatever look,... [read more]

Tile VS Carpet

Are you deciding between tile and carpet? Here are a few pros and cons to ceramic or porcelain tile and carpet. Tile, ceramic or porcelain, is a great flooring option. There are many pros to having tile in your house. Tile is strong, durable, and has a wide variety... [read more]

Water Damage - The Unwelcome Pool Party

No one ever complained about having an indoor pool as a part of their home. That is, unless this pool came in the unexpected and unwelcome form of water damage. Water damage, more often than not, remains covert until the damage has been done and repairs become mandatory. What... [read more]

Which Tile Type is For You?

Nobody likes the restrictiveness of choosing between “Sample A” and “Sample B” when it comes to home décor. Thankfully, with flooring tiles, homeowners have an overwhelming amount of styles to select from. Perhaps your goal is to create a shiny, sleek room, or maybe you would rather add a... [read more]

How Are Modern Carpets Produced?

How Are Modern Carpets Produced

The carpeting that is modern is produced by the combination of both the classic craftsmanship and the newer techniques. Between the two methods, there are several wonderful pieces that are produced and can be used in homes. Many people wonder what goes into making a carpet, and this... [read more]

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